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25 Year Old Bus Printer Cash Registers and E-Tickets

WES equips points of sale with Elo terminals.

"In the past, bulky bus printer cash registers were used there. These took up a lot of space and had to be constantly updated on site.", reports Mr. Rudel from rms GmbH. 

EloView Wallaby POS Stand 15i1 Elo Touchcomputer Star Drucker WES Systeme Electronic Kundenstory

During the search for a better solution for the sales offices in the Rhine-Main area, the attention of rms GmbH was drawn to WES Systeme Electronic GmbH.

Specifically, the Elo Wallaby POS stand with Star printer, Elo touchcomputer and EloView kiosk software. rms GmbH received a loaner device from WES and for 30 days also put the kiosk software through its paces.

Update Remotely - Eloview

"Top! Such a tool was what we needed for our project. The traffic companies control and monitor via remote maintenance. And the update process to the tablet and our app works easily from a distance. That was also a point we wanted to achieve in this project"., says Mr. Rudel of the rms GmbH.

EloView WES Systeme Electronic

The main advantage of EloView is the secure remote access to the ticket printer terminals. The admin controls the content and is so secure that ONLY the desired content is running.

What You Need for the Ticket Printer?

Tickets and e-tickets are issued quickly and easily at the sales terminals.

Together with the Elo Wallaby POS stand and a Star ticket printer as well as a card reader and writer, the ticket printer terminal is created. The terminals offer two advantages: durable hardware and easy maintenance.

High Acceptance - Small Sales Offices

The acceptance of the hardware is high.“, reports Mr. Wasmuth of the local public transport company district Groß-Gerau.

„The sales devices are often used in small sales outlets e.g. kiosks, stores etc. The Elo Wallaby POS stands are compact, and multiple hardware components are well connected without taking up much space. So far, every transportation company I've introduced these terminals to has been impressed.“, Mr. Rudel of the rms GmbH expresses himself positively.

What Was the Most Difficult Problem?

„From the hardware side (tablet, printer, omnikey reader, stand) it ran smoothly. The biggest effort was the development and testing of our app.“, says Mr. Rudel rms GmbH.

What Are the Strengths of the New Terminals?

„The ticket printer is compact and space-saving. Thanks to EloView, the support effort is low, as it simplifies the update process. The terminal is also less expensive than the previous bus printer cash registers.“, Mr. Rudel rms GmbH summarizes the strengths.

 Elo Flip stand WES
Thanks to the flip stand you can quickly turn the monitor between customer and sales staff.

About Wes Systeme Electronic Gmbh

The company WES Systeme Electronic, based in Nidderau near Frankfurt am Main, Germany, has been in business since 1981 and offers not only the Elo Wallaby POS stand but also other terminals. We manufacture customer-specific solutions in-house from 1 piece. This means that we can respond to every customer request and adjust the terminal accordingly.

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