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Magic Mirror - Smart Mirror with Touchscreen and Android Mini-PC

We offer you Magic Mirrors - smart mirrors made of semi-transparent mirrored glass with an integrated Touchmonitor, an Android Mini-PC as well as WLAN connection. Our Magic Mirror ensures that you can look at yourself in the Mirror and use Android apps.

When the space behind the glass is dark, the glass is an elegant mirror. The light from the monitor transforms it to transparent glass.

 magic mirror touchmonitor smart spiegel hotel bad


Magic Mirror are preferred for following applications

  • Smart Home Control - Control and manage a "Home Control" in an elegant mirror.
  • Hotel lobby or room - Use the Magic Mirror to show your customers local activities or offers.
  • Trade Fairs - Surprise your customers with unexpected Video Clips or an configurator in the Mirror.
  • Hairdresser - Children sit still if you show them a movie in the mirror.
  • Magic in the bathroom - Watch Youtube videos, surf in the internet or use Android apps in the mirror.

With the smart mirror you succeed in attracting customers and integrating them into an interactive experience. Advertise your company image, current offers or products of the day. The smart mirror will definitely be an eyecatcher for your customers.

You can operate the smart mirror with Android Mini PC via touch screen, but also optionally with voice or remote control. Mounting on the wall, but also the integration into a piece of furniture, a kitchen cabinet or a bathroom is possible. It is important to ensure proper ventilation and that the humidity is not too high.

Standard Sizes

By multiple customer request, we offer you this article in 4 different standard sizes. Starting from 1 piece we can offer you your own customized Magic Mirror.

Magic Mirror 120x80cm 32

Magic Mirror 120x80cm 32" Touchscreen Android

WES-Bestell-Nr.: SPIEGEL_1200X800_32TPC

120x80cm 32" buy now (DE)

Magic Mirror 177x80cm 20

Magic Mirror 177x80cm 20" Touchscreen Android

WES-Bestell-Nr.: SPIEGEL_1770X800_20TPC

177x80cm 20" buy now (DE)

Magic Mirror 60x80cm 20

Magic Mirror 60x80cm 20" Touchscreen Android

WES-Bestell-Nr.: SPIEGEL_600X800_20TPC

60x80cm 20" buy now (DE)

Magic Mirror 80x60cm 20

Magic Mirror 80x60cm 20" Hausautomation PC LCN-GVS

WES-Bestell-Nr.: TIW19.5-LCN-GVS-PC-S

80x60cm 20" buy now (DE)

Magic Mirror 80x60cm 27

Magic Mirror 80x60cm 27" Touchscreen Android

WES-Bestell-Nr.: SPIEGEL_800X600_27TPC

80x60cm 27" buy now (DE)

Magic Mirror 80x120cm 27

Magic Mirror 80x120cm 27" Touchscreen Android

WES-Bestell-Nr.: SPIEGEL_800X1200_27TPC

80x120cm 27" buy now (DE)


For Mounting using the three holes on the backside of the Magic Mirror.

Magic Mirror Spiegel mit Touchscreen Monitor und Mini PC Aufhaengung 3

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